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ground floor






single bed

microwave oven

washing machine

double bed


tumble dryer






bicycle stand

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About the leasing:

Once you found your accommodation you have to sign a leasing contract. This document is very important because you will need to take it to the Office of Immigration and Nationality to receive your registration certificate / residence permit. Every incoming student has to be registered at the Office of Immigration and Nationality after their admission at their receiving faculty of ELTE University.

The lease is at your own expense and has to cover any damages caused by you.

Information about registration certificate, visa and residence permit for international students can be downloaded here.

  I agree to disclose my email address to housing agencies authorized by the university to find accommodation for its students.

Additional Information:

Did you attend a Hungarian language preparatory course at your home university?
Would you attend a Hungarian language preparatory course in Hungary
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Would you like to participate in a Hungarian language course during your stay at ELTE?
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Do you speak Hungarian well enough to participate in courses that are held in Hungarian?
Do you request a student mentor in ELTE?
(If yes, Your e-mail address will be given to the coordinator of mentors.)
Dou you live with any disability or do you have any special needs?
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